“R&D is an investment in our own future. It’s an expression of belief in Singapore and Singapore’s future. If we want to be a knowledge-based economy, which thrives on innovation and enterprise, we must build this knowledge base on which we can build the future of Singapore – then R&D is where we have to invest.”

Teo Chee Hean

Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security

Chairman, National Research Foundation Singapore

RIE2020 Plan

  1. Ensure excellent science and impact by supporting the best ideas across disciplines, encouraging collaboration, and investing strategically in both curiosity-driven and mission-oriented research
  2. Renew knowledge base and ensure responsiveness to pursue new opportunities and technology developments
  3. Create value from R&D investments by engaging the private sector, including large local enterprises (LLEs) and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs), to build their capacity for innovation and technology adaptation, as well as leveraging science and technology to address national needs
  4. Sustain a robust and diverse research base and innovation workforce in the private and public sector, built around a strong Singaporean core but also leveraging international talent to strengthen our team

Technology domains or verticals

  1. Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME)
  2. Health and Biomedical Sciences (HBMS)
  3. Services and Digital Economy (SDE)
  4. Urban Solutions and Sustainability (USS)

Cross-cutting programmes or horizontals

  1. Academic Research
  2. Manpower
  3. Innovation & Enterprise


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