Fiber Optic Sensors

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Fiber Optics Sensors (FOS) are high performance sensors and in some fields have overwhelming and proven advantages over other technologies.

Typical Configuration

  1. Transmission mode

  2. Reflection mode

Modification Method

  • Gratings

    • Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)

    • Long Period Grating (LPG)

  • SMS (Cascade of optical fibers: Single-mode Multi-mode Single-mode)

Optical Fiber Sensor Projects in Singapore

  • Housing and Development Board, HDB flat (public housing)

    • Punggol East Contract 26 - Block 166A Punggol Central, Singapore 821166 [link] [Google Map]


  1. B. Glisic, D. Inaudi, J. M. Lau and C. C. Fong, " Ten-year monitoring of high-rise building columns using long-gauge fiber optic sensors," Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 22, pp. 055030, Apr. 2013. DOI: 10.1088/0964-1726/22/5/055030

    • Abstract: A large-scale lifetime building monitoring program was implemented in Singapore in 2001. The monitoring aims of this unique program were to increase safety, verify performance, control quality, increase knowledge, optimize maintenance costs, and evaluate the condition of the structures after a hazardous event. The first instrumented building, which has now been monitored for more than ten years, is presented in this paper. The long-gauge fiber optic strain sensors were embedded in fresh concrete of ground-level columns, thus the monitoring started at the birth of both the construction material and the structure. Measurement sessions were performed during construction, upon completion of each new story and the roof, and after the construction, i.e., in-service. Based on results it was possible to follow and evaluate long-term behavior of the building through every stage of its life. The results of monitoring were analyzed at a local (column) and global (building) level. Over-dimensioning of one column was identified. Differential settlement of foundations was detected, localized, and its magnitude estimated. Post-tremor analysis was performed. Real long-term behavior of concrete columns was assessed. Finally, the long-term performance of the monitoring system was evaluated. The researched monitoring method, monitoring system, rich results gathered over approximately ten years, data analysis algorithms, and the conclusions on the structural behavior and health condition of the building based on monitoring are presented in this paper


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