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Classical Physics

Modern Physics

  • Blackbody radiation

"Quantum mechanics is the study of mechanical systems whose dimensions are close to the atomic scale. Quantum mechanics is a fundamental branch of physics with wide applications. Quantum theory generalizes classical mechanics to provide accurate descriptions for many previously unexplained phenomena such as black body radiation and stable electron orbits. The effects of quantum mechanics become evident at the atomic and subatomic level, and they are typically not observable on macroscopic scales."

Quantum Mechanics (QM)

  • Does not explain how a quantum particle behaves

  • a method to determine the probability of measurement of the value of physical variable

Planck's constant in action

Schrodinger Equation

  • A wave equation that predicts the probability of events

  • Principal quantum number

  • Angular quantum number

  • Magnetic quantum number

Quantum Field Theory (QFT)

  • Contemporary elementary particle physics

Quantum Computing

  • Computation by the use of quantum phenomena

  • Requires low error rate to effectively output exponential result with increase qubits

  • Types of quantum computing: Quantum annealing, quantum simulation, universal quantum



Quantum Computing Models

Quantum cryptography

Quantum Computing Prototypes

  • Superconducting quantum computing

  • 1998: 2 qubits by IBM, Oxford, Berkeley, Stanford, MIT

  • 2000: 5 qubits by Technical University of Munich

  • 2000: 7 qubits by Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • 2006: 12 qubits by Institute for Quantum Computing, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, MIT

  • 2008: 28 qubits by D-Wave Systems

  • 2016: 50 qubits by IBM

  • 2019: 128 qubits by Rigetti

Neural networks

Quantum Machine Learning (QML)

  • Quantum algorithm to perform quantum machine learning tasks by quantum computing

Quantum Algorithm

  • Reduce complexity of training (potentially)

Quantum Data

Quantum Photonics

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