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ITS is commonly used for referring to Intelligent Transport System. In some research and companies, ITS may add in more hostile services hence terming it as Intelligent Transport Solutions. By combining smart application and appropriate selection of digital technologies across multiple modes of transport, we create systems that drive efficiencies to make transport systems across the world safer, more reliable and more sustainable.

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  • Improve safety

  • Improve traffic efficiency

  • Improve convenience

ITS Technologies

  • Wireless communications

  • Computational technologies

  • Sensors

    • Video detection

    • Inductive loop detection and sensing technologies

    • Internet if Things (IoT)

ITS in Singapore

  • Microcars

    • Singapore firm QIQ Global plans to launch the microcars for hire.

    • The QIQ Pod will be no bigger than 2.4m long and 1m wide to make the last-mile journey between home and the MRT station in a small, two-seater electric car.

      • QIQ Global artist impression of QIQ Pod [link]

ITS Research in Singapore

I2R ITS Smart Mobility Research

CoopeRative and UnIfied Smart Traffic SystEm (CRUISE) project

  • Developing the Next Generation Traffic Control that would help optimise traffic light and pedestrian crossing timings for smoother traffic and pedestrian flow [ref]

  • Trial will be carried out near traffic intersections and pedestrian crossings between Corporation Road and Boon Lay Way, with sensors to be installed from September 2018 to end 2020

    • From LTA's Annex, a total of nine traffic junctions are marked for installing sensor [pdf]

    • Cruise is designed to pick up the physical presence of vehicles and pedestrians

    • Near real-time datasets will be used to develop intelligent traffic light algorithms

  • A joint project between Transport Authority (LTA) and Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)


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Jun Long's Students Research Projects

Jun Long supervised two group of students for research project related to smart nation's intelligent transport system. The projects focused mainly on high speed railway system in the area of optical fiber based signaling system using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors. One group of his student has won an award in a student competition related to the development of FBG sensors for tracking high speed train position.

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